Here’s my second embroidery I started back in Providence, worked on during tour, and finished after the move to NYC.  

It’s a desert scene with a giant pile of whale bones in the foreground.  The text at the top reads: “It’s a good thing we never sleep” I tried out some new embroidery techniques on this one too, combining threads to give the shadows and text a little variation.

This is newly available in my store for purchase, with a few other prints and embroideries I brought down from Providence.

Just back from my last tour with What Cheer? Brigade! We had a wonderful time playing shows from Seattle down to Tijuana and back up to San Francisco.

Here’s the first photo set from the trip—mainly from shows in the Pacific Northwest.

From top to bottom:
-Honk West in Seattle
-Playing some music on a tugboat with a wonderful band from Austin called Yes Ma’am
-The Lloyd family players busking in front of Voodoo doughnuts in Portland!